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In vitro diagnostic is a way that through extracting the samples including blood, body fluids and organization from body to inspect and diagnose, and it is relative to the in vivo diagnosis. In the process of inspecting needs corresponding instruments and reagents, and these instruments and reagents compose the In vitro diagnostic system. These enterprises that engaged in the r&d, production and marketing of these instruments and reagents formed in vitro diagnostic industry and the in vitro diagnostic industry brings together biology, medicine, electronics, machinery and other related technologies.

The experiment is one of the basic methods of scientific research. It is a method that according to the purpose of scientific research and using some special instruments to eliminate the influence of the outside world as much as possible and highlight the main factors,thereby we can artificially change, control or simulate the research object and make something or process happen or appear again, and we can understand the natural phenomena, natural properties, the law of nature

Environment includes both the atmosphere, water, soil, plants, animals, microorganisms and other material factors, and it also includes such as concept, regulation, the code of conduct and other non-material factors. It consists of both natural factors and social factors and it also includes both the inanimate forms and the life forms. Environment is relative to the case of a main object, the different main object, the different size and content of environment.